Facts about .... Communic ating with strangers:

1. Never text,chat,or email anyone you don't know!

2. Always remember to ask an adult before emailing at all!

3. If anyone ever emails you that you don't know and continues you need to tell a parent right away!

4. If anyone ever emails something really bad or nasty you probably need to change your email with a guardians help!

5. If someone emails you and you don't want to open it just ignore the email and don't open it at all!

6. You might want to make a list of emails that are your friends and family emails so you know you can open it!

7. If you use your mom and dads or an other siblings email always remember that you don't open there personal emails it could cause major problems!

8. If on your computer you want to block those emails from stores and other places just have a space on your email acount for (spam) email!

9. Also if you don't want everyone to know your email set your email to something not everyone could think of!

10.Always Stay Kid Safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can also visit these websites to learn more:

http://wildcatwebsafety.wikispaces.com ( the same website your on now but go to different pages for more safety tips)